Work in South Africa: How to get South African Work Visa

Are you looking for a job in South Africa? There exist various kinds of provisional work visas obtainable depending on the job: general employment, expert migrant, business entrepreneur and inter-company transfer.

Because South Africa has a developing economy and industrial sector, it has numerous employment openings for expert workers in several positions, and progressively, immigrants are getting employment. Though there are rarer openings for work in South Africa in semi-skilled or unskilled jobs, wherein there are more than enough workers. Consequently, the administration encourages applications for skillful workers in professions where they are scarce; the most current list of essential skills has nearly 35,000 posts across 53 diverse classifications.

Likewise, there is an emphasis on enticing those wanting to open a business in South Africa, predominantly where this shall lead to:

1. Injection of capital into South Africa from overseas

2. Manufacture of products for export

3. The hiring of South Africans.

The several types of work visas in South Africa count on the employment condition of the candidate. The following is a listing of the types of work permits and visas in South Africa, the environments needed to be suitable and application methods.

Who requires a South African work visa?

The South African work visa serves as your provisional residence visa. Anybody who is not a permanent resident or citizen in South Africa and desires to work in there usually needs to get a work visa.

Work visas may be given for the same period as your work contract or a maximum number of years, plus can normally get protracted. You must apply for the work visa if:

1. You want to get temporary employment in South Africa, without or with a reward.

2. You want to run or set up a business in the short term in South Africa.

3. An overseas firm intends to transfer you briefly to an affiliate or branch of the business in South Africa.

4. You have been engaged to temporarily work in South Africa as a consultant or employee for the regime in terms of an interstate agreement.

5. You are visiting a South African company wherein you have over 25% control share.

6. You want to buy fixed assets in South Africa for rent or speculation.

7. You need to visit South Africa to produce a documentary, TV commercial or feature film.

8. You are a religious worker or priest volunteering to work momentarily at a South African religious institution.

9. You are a nanny planning to work in the short term in South Africa in a cultural exchange program.

Getting employment in South Africa

For people looking to get a work visa in South Africa, it is recommended to attend several interviews before immigrating. Though an extra expenditure, it can offer numerous benefits.

Work visas aren’t as complicated as it appears; however, this isn’t appreciated by all companies. If someone has a forthcoming job offer and is caught up with visa problems, an immigration lawyer or adviser can get in touch with them to put to rest any fears the company might have. Several companies might concentrate on the short-term, wanting only to engage somebody who can begin inside a month or who they can contact straightaway. It is significant to be patient while dealing with a potential employer and clarify the particulars of your anticipated visa.

For businesses in search of expertise and considering engaging foreigners, the choice is undoubtedly available in apt circumstances. This comprises incapability to find a citizen fit for the post or necessitating a skill not available in South Africa, or just needing somebody from a foreign branch or office of a multi-national organization.

South Africa has reformed various laws regarding work visa alternatives, although the procedure is still reasonably demanding; currently, there is a real chance of contracting a foreigner if a firm wants to do that.